Navy - General Officer

Kick-start your career as an Officer in America's Navy.

America's Navy is a powerful presence in the world, made up of highly specialized professional communities that apply their skills to serve our nation's interests around the globe. Within each community are Navy Officers the men and women who are trained and challenged to be not only exceptional professionals, but unsurpassed leaders in their respective fields.

What career fields are available?

If you are or will be a graduate of a four-year college or university looking for impactful work with excellent growth potential, the job of a Navy Officer could be for you. There are opportunities in any of more than a dozen in-demand career fields, including:

  • Aviation - Be part of one of the world's most renowned aviation teams, directing critical flight missions and piloting the most state-of-the-art aircraft ever created.
  • Information Warfare - Work with cutting-edge technology in order to provide information vital to the successful defense of our nation.
  • Intelligence - Collect and analyze data regarding adversary strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and intentions in order to protect national security.
  • Oceanography/Meteorology - Use math and science skills to recommend the proper course for Naval watercraft, steering the crew clear of unfavorable weather or ocean conditions.
  • Legal - Practice many areas of law, including: military justice, legal assistance, international law, operational law, administrative law, environmental law, civil litigation, humanitarian assistance and refugee law, admiralty and maritime law, and legislative liaison.
  • Nuclear Energy - Engage in all aspects of designing, maintaining and commanding nuclear ships and submarines helping to keep the fleet powered and ready to accomplish any mission.
  • Special Operations - Lead some of the most challenging and important missions imaginable, executing a variety of strategic duties in order to successfully protect our nation's security.
  • Supply, Transportation, Logistics - Assume the responsibility of providing your fellow servicemembers the supplies and transportation needed to successfully complete their missions

What's to gain as a Navy Officer?

Qualify and you can look forward to:

  • Competitive salary
  • 30 days of vacation with pay earned every year
  • Comprehensive health-care coverage
  • Retirement income
  • Scheduled pay raises and regular promotions
  • Tax-free housing, meals and shopping
  • World travel

What's the career outlook?

Wherever your interests lie, as a Navy Officer you'll be put in a position to develop your professional expertise and leadership skills. Overseeing the responsibilities and safety of those under your command. Ensuring that work meets the highest Navy standards as you:

  • Master emerging technology through the hands-on application of skills
  • Learn to lead by example
  • Advance by achievement and with the help of Navy-funded continuing education

Who can be a Navy Officer?

To qualify as an Officer, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be a graduate or current student of an accredited four-year college or university (type of degree accepted varies by specialty)
  • Be at least 19 years old (maximum age differs depending on specialty
  • Achieve a qualifying score on the Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR) exam
  • Meet Navy physical standards
  • Demonstrate character, leadership and determination

Enjoy a list of benefits anyone would envy. Travel the globe. Protect freedom. Contribute to disaster relief efforts. And take pride in giving back to your community. As you serve your country as part of America's Navy - A Global Force For GoodTM. Learn more about becoming an Officer in America's Navy now. Collection of information is authorized by Title 5 U.S.C. 301, Departmental Regulations, and E.O. 9397. For official use only when filled in.